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Herding Trial, Berryville VA November 09

I decided to let Delyla try her paw at herding and we headed out to the trial in VA this past weekend. Delyla was to try for her HCT, I really thought she would go after the woolies full force but she showed much restraint. On the first day the judge tapped her livestock paddle on the ground and Delyla thought she had done "wrong" and totally quit working for us. The second day, with a bit of help from Susan, judge and farm owner, Delyla was able to get her first leg on the HCT.

The big surprise was Miss Jessa! Marti said we could put her in with the sheep and she "turned on" almost right away. She did not chase hard but would stand, observe, and seemingly herd. Who would have guessed this laid back girl would love woolies. She kept trying to get back in the pen after her turn was over. Fortunately for her, Lady needed a little help with the sheep so Jessa was allowed to go back in and assist. Together they made a great herding team. Jessa is too young to get an HCT title but did pass her HIT, herding instinct, oh say, three times over...

I came home and started looking for a herding opportunity nearby. It looked pretty glum, nothing closer than 90 minutes. But tucked away, I found an individual less than 25 minutes from us that is going to take us on! She has a variety of stock and we are looking forward to a new learning opportunity. Will keep everyone posted!

Rhonda & Crew


Fina/Sage :Coming Soon

(puppies anticipated summer 2010)

GVx2 NSx2 brCH Beloved Zoey’s Legacy of Frack, CGC, TT, TD

aka Sage
sire: P,B&Ts New Beginnings-Sierra, CGC
dam: GV NS abrCH Beloved Zodiac's Magic of CJ's, CGC, TDI, TTI, HCT
hips: PennHip PH (L) 0.22 (R) 0.22
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL152M27-PI
heart: OFA Normal SLH-CA193/34M/C-PI
thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH103/24M-PI
eyes: CERF Normal SHS-152 CERF 2008

CHptd Brk Chapels Adolfina-O-Hilandr, CGC

aka Fina
sire: Highlander's Mr Myjestic-O-Zion
dam: bCHptd Highlanders Sunawavi-O-Zion
hips: PennHip (L) 0.46 (R) 0.48
heart: normal (OFA pending)
thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH90/14F-PI

Brick Chapel Shilohs is excited to announce the pairing of CHptd Brk Chapls Adofina-O-Hilandr, CGC, "Fina" to GVx2 NSx2 brCH Beloved Zoey’s Legacy of Frack, CGC, TT, TD "Sage".

Fina is a solidly built, smooth brown sable from the old line shilohs. She is very athletic, has great movement, and loves to play ball. She has dedicated herself to being my mother's constant companion, a very loving and loyal family guardian. Fina's progeny all posess her outstanding temperament and carry on the guardian tradition.

Sage is an NAKC/RARITIES Master Supreme Grand Champion and a Registered Pet Therapy dog who volunteers at the Children’s Behavioral Program at Underwood Hospital in Woodbury, NJ. He has beautiful movement, good size, and great boning and he has produced that in his puppies. He’s devoted to his family, athletic, laid back, an incredible Frisbee catcher, best friend, lap dog, and couch potato.

Fina is a true old line Shiloh, Sage is a 2nd generation Boz. The litter will be both smooth and plush consisting of golden or brown sables and possible duals. We expect size, temperament and personality plus from this litter.

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Brick Chapel's Wild Card of RSS

I am pleased to announce the newest addition to the Brick Chapel Crew! There were two solid black pups in the Kilian/Carly litter and since we really were not planning on them it seemed appropriate that they might be named Joker & Jester. I could not resist that little black girl I have always wanted! Miss Jester (orange) is being called by several other names right now and at this moment answers best to Jessa Bear.

She just arrived here on Tuesday evening and has settled right into the pack. She seems to be a very laid back girl for the most part. She claimed an AC vent within 15 minutes of being here and that is where she spends the majority of her day. She has had fun chasing behind the big girls and trying to play with "Uncle" Konrad. She knows already that I am her person and she looks for me in the yard, she comes quickly and happily when called.

Sydney & Alyssa

Jessa and I made a short trip to town today where she visited with several folks including my best friend and her daughters. She was great with the girls! Sydney played her recorder for her and Jess listened intently. When Sydney finished the song Jessa let out a great big howl!!! We tried to get a repeat performance for video but she just wasn't up to it.

Tonight we had a few visitors whom she mostly ignored, there are more important things you know, like sleeping!


Minka takes a 1st place!

Our town has an annual arts festival complete with an amatuer photo contest. Each person is allowed to enter 4 photos and the "animal" photo I chose was of "candy cane", now Minka, on a snowy day. I am thrilled to announce that she
wowed the crowd and earned me a blue ribbon! There were definitely some technilogically better photos but Minka won their hearts.

Here are also some recently received photos of Miss Minka. She is growing up (quickly) in DC with her humans Eric & Sharon. According to them she "wows" the crowd everywhere they go. They once requested that we should warn potential buyers of the instant "celebrity status" you acquire along with a Shiloh pup.
What a beauty! ~Rhonda


July Playdate

On the spur of the moment I decided to see if anyone could join us for a playdate this past Sunday. The temp was going to be in the 70's and a perfect day for the dogs. Jan Jacobs agreed to serve as hostess so that we could meet and walk to her neighborhood dog park. Roll Call: Jan with Reva & Saber, Charlotte with Winston (FK1), Paulette with Kira (Rorrie/Konrad), and myself with Delyla (FK1). Once we got to the dog park there were numerous mixed breeds, an 11week old lab mix pup, a Visla, 2 Saint Bernards as well as numerous others. All were on very good behavior! The regulars were gathering to remark at the Shiloh reunion. Proir to leaving Jan's I also got to meet another Shiloh from her neighborhood who is littermate to the famous Gandolf who rescued a boyscout out in Washington state a few years ago.

Enjoy the photos!


Nori/ Konrad

The long awaited Nori/ Konrad litter has made it to fruition! Nori delivered 3 very healthy puppies on 7/14/09. Two whites and one sable... just as Jan had guessed.

Follow their progress on the JNL Pocono Shiloh site!


Rhonda & Crew

Carly/ Kilian Litter!

We are thrilled to be a part of this awesome pairing with Ridgewood Shilohs! The 11 puppies were born on 6/11/2009. This is Carly's second litter and Kilian's first contribution to the genepool.

Watch them grow on the Ridgewood website!


The best part is the little black beauty we will be bringing home from this litter. Orange girl, Jesse, will be joining the BC Crew mid August.

Rhonda & Crew
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